Poetic Blend

- Blending Poetry & Skin Care -

When we think of poetry we often think about the best words, in the best order, handsomeness of language, the use of similes along with patterning and rhyming – we sometimes forget that it is something profoundly deeper than that – it is a synergy between thought and feeling. Whether reading it or writing it, poetry invites us to tap into a deeper space that is often left unexplored and sometimes even forgotten.

By the same notion, Poetic Blend harmonizes both knowledge and pleasure in a sensorial experience that perpetuates balance and restoration. Each of our creations are produced with complex simplicity; a paradox that is not lost on us.

As a poet must master the elements of their craft, so too, have we mastered the art of blending together the best ingredients that the earth has given to us; we don’t just promise results, we deliver them.