Adipeau Active Face Cream

  • $120.00

Adipeau Active Face Cream is super fuel for your skin’s root structure. Long-chain fatty acids from non-comedogenic safflower oil stimulate regeneration, Kaempferia Parviflora amplifies regeneration and nourishes a toned, productive root structure, while cucumber fruit extract cools the skin and increases anti-oxidant capacity.

There are four use modes:
  1. Instant glam: Before going out or going on camera, apply as a mask
  2. Prevention: Stop damage before it occurs, apply as a mask once or twice per week 
  3. Targeted repairs: Apply to damage-susceptible areas — under the eyes, and along the mouth — once or twice a day
  4. Restoration: Apply to the lower face from eyelids to jawline, once or twice per day

How to apply:

Don't rub in, finger paint instead!  Active Face Cream can only get to the skin’s root structure by sliding down the [mostly] invisible hair follicles of the facial skin, and rubbing it in causes the natural actives to get stuck in the outer layer.

*The formula is vegan and cruelty-free.

Size: 50 ml