Dahnai Beauty

Dahnai Beauty Lip Hydration Kit

  • $12.00
This Kit Includes: 

1 Lip Mask
1 Intense Hydration Lip Oil
1 Jelly Gloss

Suggested Use:

Step 1: Sugar-Coated Lip Scrub *sold separately* 

Exfoliate your lips using your finger in circular motions and wipe with a wet wipe or a towel to get rid of all dead skin. Make sure lips are dry. 

Step 2: Lip Mask

Apply mask to your lips and let sit for 5-15 minutes

Step 3: Intense Hydration Oil Pen

Remove excess liquid from Lip Mask and apply a generous amount of oil to you lips in order to retain and add more moisture

You can end here if you are staying home but if you plan to head out...

Step 4:  Jelly Gloss

Apply a generous amount of gloss to your lips for a shiny and moisturizing experience