Kneipp Water Mint & Rosemary Aromatherapy Bath Oil "Goodbye Stress"

  • $28.00

The Kneipp Goodbye Stress Water Mint & Rosemary Herbal Bath Oil offers you a color and aromatherapy retreat to clear your mind and quiet overactive thoughts.  Experience clarity in a potent essential oil soak that will leave you refreshed and feeling a renewed sense of positive energy.   

Key Benefits & Ingredients:

  • The rich turquoise color and herbaceous Rosemary Essential Oil help strengthen and energize your body while clearing your mind
  • Mint, Eucalyptus, and Camphor Essential Oils offer the cool, refreshing feel of a crisp morning while Orange Peel Oil adds a subtle sweetness
  • Kneipp Herbal Bath Oils offer an intensified aromatherapy experience
  • Delivers up to 10 restorative baths
  • Always made without parabens, phthalates, silicones, petrolatum, paraffin, or mineral oil
  • Vegan