Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcase - Solid Colour (various colours)

  • $35.00

Morning Glamour satin pillowcases provide a smoother surface for your hair strands, which reduces matting, breakage, tangling, and snagging.

Cotton pillowcases suck moisture from your skin (translation: that $90.00 face cream you put on at night is hydrating your pillow, not your face.)

Satin pillowcases are non-absorbent, helping your skin maintain maximum moisture. They also help prevent wrinkles, allowing you to wake up with smooth, clear skin every morning.

Satin pillowcases are great for smoother skin and healthier hair, so you can wake up feeling glamourous!
  • Helps reduce Frizz
  • Helps make sure those skin care products aren't absorbed into the pillowcase (like cotton pillowcases)
  • 100%, satin charmeuse polyester
  • Fits Queen/Standard pillowcases 20" x 26"
  • Stay-put pocket flap to keep pillowcase in place while sleeping
  • Vegan and Cruelty free
  • Machine washable