Eminence Naseberry Treatment Cream

  • $66.00

An anti-wrinkle cream for mature and dehydrated skin types.  This cream has grape, naseberry and apple extracts along with glycolic acids to soothe and smooth the skin.  

Skin Type: Mature, fatigued, dehydrated

Benefits: Glycolic Acid Treatment. Natural fruit acid cream loaded with antioxidants provide intense hydration and nourishment for all skin types. Assists in reducing the visible signs of aging.

Active Ingredients: Naseberry, Glycolic acid, citric acid, folic acid, Vitamin E, Apple juice, Grape Seed extract, Raspberry extract, Ivy leaf, calendula, lemon oil, bioflavinoids. Contains 3% organic fruit acid.

Application: Apply a small amount to cleansed skin avoiding eye and mouth area. Massage into lines, spreading cream against the direction of the lines in a circular motion until absorbed. Leave on, wipe off excess if another treatment or product is to follow. Recommended after peeling treatment.