Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot Neroli Mandarin Gentle Wash

  • $15.00

Our luxurious pH-balanced feminine wash is designed to be gentle on your sweet spot and great for your entire body too! Neroli Mandarin Gentle Wash combines a tropical, clean floral scent with coconut-derived cleansers that maintain your pH balance as nature intended.

Neroli Mandarin feminine wash matches your skin's natural pH using emollient oils of apricot kernel & sunflower with panthenol, an ingredient that softens both skin and hair. Plus, we don't use glycerin, a sugar-based ingredient that yeast thrives on. What else do you expect from a feminine wash made by women?

All SweetSpot products are safety tested and recommended by gynecologists.

Size: 8oz

ο»ΏFree of glycerin, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, soy or dairy ingredients.

*actual packaging may differ from image