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Serum A-Glyca

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The Skin Instants® subject to the effects of aging
The human body needs the glucose contained in sugar to produce energy. However, it sometimes ingests more than it can use. This surplus then attaches itself to proteins (collagen and elastin) and creates A.G.E (Advanced Glycation End products).

This process, also known as the Maillard reaction, can be observed when foods brown during cooking. The heat causes the sugars to attack the proteins in meat, which change color. The collagen and elastin fibers are imprisoned by glucose, and become glycated and rigid proteins. This process diminishes fiber quality and damages the extracellular matrix. Glycation is one of the main factors in skin aging. Visible signs on the skin are a loss of elasticity, tone and firmness, the appearance of wrinkles and yellowing. This reaction can be exacerbated by external phenomena such as heat, UV rays and pollution. At age 20, the glycated collagen rate increases by around 4% a year until it reaches 50% by age 80. The Biologique Recherche solution Biologique Recherche has taken an innovative approach to finding an effective solution for combating the glycation process; A-Glyca Serum is the result. Formulated to keep elastin and collagen fibers intact, the serum is the perfect ally in the fight to prevent and lessen the signs of aging.

Size: 8ml/ 0.3oz

        30ml/ 1oz